The Reach For The Stars Foundation (Sexuality Training and Reproductive Services) is a non-profit 501-C3 corporation, specifically designed to assist adolescents especially uninsured lower socio-economic teens-male and female- to gain access to healthcare employing prevention and early intervention before they get into crisis situation.

Current research shows that young people contact a sexually transmitted disease every 10 seconds and experience an unintended pregnancy every 30 seconds in this country. Across the U.S. people under 25 make up nearly half of all new HIV cases. And, the younger the victim, the more likely that victim is to be female.It is well known that Florida ranks very high in terms of incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/Aids and unintended pregnancies among young people.   This is especially true in North Miami Beach where our Medical Center is located. The physician and staff of the Reach For the STARS Foundation intend to play a key role in not only helping young people to reduce their sexual risk taking, but also create opportunities for youth and their families to learn about normal sexual development, explore values and sexual decision making and promote healthy, positive attitudes about sexuality.   Through financial assistance these teens can be seen and receive counseling, testing and treatment by the medical staff at  Women & Teens Healthcare Center located in North Miami Beach, Florida, serving a much-diversified population of over 235,000 people with a teen population of over 58,000.


The purpose of REACH FOR THE STARS (Sexuality Training and Reproductive Services) FOUNDATION is to provide accessible, available, and affordable medical care and to disseminate accurate, age-appropriate, research-based information that is both abstinence based and comprehensive, in a teen friendly environment.  Research has clearly shown that the most effective programs are comprehensive ones that include a focus on delaying sexual behavior and provide information on how sexually active young people can protect themselves. Our major objective is to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV/AIDS.


Our Philosophy

 Our strategies to incorporate positive adolescent sexual health into the medical practice of Reach For the STARS Foundation are built on the following core values:

We recognize that the RFSF is an important source of information and assurance about what is “normal”.  Human sexuality and sexual health must receive the same attention and resources in a medical practice if young people are to grow up sexually healthy and responsible.


Our basic message is “Education now, babies later, STD’s HIV/AIDS never". We Respect young peoples Rights to act Responsibly, and would like to assist them in “Reaching for the STARS”