Our Objectives

Disease PREVENTION  & EARLY INTERVENTION for young people
Disease Prevention
Cervical Cancer & penile cancer
Unintended pregnancy
Substance Abuse
Healthy lifestyle maintenance

These are the projects that we have begun to fulfill our mission of "providing accessible, available, and affordable medical care to adolescents especially minority youths in Miami-Dade County and to disseminate accurate, age-appropriate , research-based sexuality information (that is both abstinence based and comprehensive), to youth in the rest of the country and abroad" :

  1. Expand our “Teen Friendly” medical center and identify primary behavior health risks to adolescents such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, early initiation of sexual activity, and poor use of contraception. 
  2. Offer significantly discounted medical services including STD/HIV examination, testing and treatment. 
  3. Provide care to adolescents, in a non judgmental, non discriminatory manner, according to the individual stage of physical, sexual, psychological, and cognitive development.
  4. Provide periodic health guidance for both adolescents, their parents and caregivers with an emphasis on health promotion and risk reduction strategies.  
  5. Offer abstinence based and comprehensive sex education and counseling by a well trained, professional, medical staff.
  6. Provide and advocate Emergency Contraception (EC).
  7. Expand our outreach educational programs, health exhibits and expos in the community.