Fundraiser events

At our recent Fundraiser Event which was sponsored by the Coyne Foundation, founded by Chris and Greg Coyne, and held on 09/13/06 at the home of Chris, we were able to join forces with the Future Leadership Institute, founded by Ms. Eve Cowen.  Our common goal is to nurture, support and inspire young people to achieve their goals, and reach for the stars to become humanitarian leaders.

Mr. Chris Coyne, co-founder of the Coyne Foundation

Welcoming the guests at his home

Mr. Joe Khreis, Director of RFSF and Ms. Rosa Santos

Carla and Eve Cowan

Chris introducing the speakers

Dr. Braithwaite gave a presentation on the work of the RFSF and made an appeal for support to expand the work

Mr. Greg Coyne introducing the Founder of FLI, Eve Cowan

Chris with Bob Parker and Bryant Church

Mr. Ryan Poliakoff

Mr. Julio Novogrosdsky

Mr. Juan Borges, CEO of Biomedical International

Dr. Marielena Hernandez and Mrs. Patricia Melez

Sandi  Novogrosdsky

Mr. Barry Danzinger, CPA, Director of RFSF and Dr. Braithwaite

Mr. Barry and Vivian Newman